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Rotary Bottle Inserter RBI

Clever Bottle Inserting with RBI from RATIONATOR

In addition to the proven flexible filling and capping lines with RATILIGHT Puck System, RATIONATOR has developed the rotary bottle inserter RBI for the automatic inserting of empty or filled plastic and glass bottles into pucks.

The possible integration of the RBI into consisting lines is either prior the filling machine or subsequent to the labelling machine for the further transportation of the bottles to the final packaging. 

The RBI persuades by its compact design, its nominal output of up to 12,000 bottles per hour and by its rapid change-over without any tools. The bottles are guided by the conveyor into the shafts of the multi-format star wheel and automatically and safely inserted into the pucks piece by piece. The adjustment to different bottle formats can easily and rapidly be accomplished by the setting of the multi-format star wheel.

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