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neue verpackung 04/2013, translation by RATIONATOR

Being a co-packer for the cosmetics industry, Dankwardt has to be extremely sensitive to the requests of its customers at all times. In order to master the daily challenges as to mass production, small batch sizes and, finally, frequent switches of the product to be filled itself, Dankwardt has opted for flexible filling lines with the so-called integrated puck system. more

VR Pharma 4 + Cosmetic Packaging 2010

FLEXIBLE FILLING SYSTEM FOR BABY CARE PRODUCTS Rapid format change-overs, short set-up times,and convenient cleaning are some of the characteristics of the new bottle filling system that was put into service recently at baby care manufacturer Gewo’s plant in Baden-Baden, Germany. Its most unique feature is Rationator’s automated bottle unscrambling system “Bottlemat gently”. more

Flexible transported through the machine...

With Rationator flexible filling and capping at CWK in Switzerland
Sun cream, hair spray, liquid soap, shampoo, nail polish remover, perfume – that wide is the range of cosmetic products of the contract manufacturer CWK from Winterthur. No question, the Swiss give flexibility the highest priority in their investments in new filling and capping machines. more

Flexible Puck Lines

Rationator carries out packaging assignment at Mibelle in Switzerland
The Migros subsidiary Mibelle AG Cosmetics fills numerous different private label products on behalf of its customers. The Swiss company decided to install a filling line with pucks from Rationator in order to be able to respond as flexibly as possible to shape and size requirements. more