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Small trigger pumps

Automatic capping of cosmetic products with small trigger pumps

Dosing pumps and spray pumps for cosmetic products are very trendy and now supplemented by small trigger pumps which have especially been developed  for the cosmetics industry.

Due to the design-oriented shape, high require- ments for the automatic capping are being set on the sorting, feeding and capping technology. RATIONATOR has performed this task by the recently presented rotary capping machine ROBOCAP TR.

For the unique alignment of cosmetic trigger pumps a special alignment and control station for the sorter DPS 1500 was developed.  The feeding of the aligned trigger pumps is realised by a so-called double narrow gauge feeding belt. For the ROBOCAP TR the proven inserting mechanism with fast changeable format parts is used. For the flawless transfer of the cosmetic trigger pumps the new double armed gripping capping heads are always optimally positioned. This is realised with the help of an expert function of the special capping program via ROBOCAP servo control. During the subsequent capping process, the pumps are capped by means of a digitally selected torque and finally uniformly orientated. 

Depending on the machine size, 50 up to 150 trigger pumps can be handled per minute fully automatically.

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