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Chemical Products

One and the same technique for different requirements

The requirements imposed on filling lines for the chemical industry are as different as the products themselves. RATIONATOR is able to offer suitable solutions to handle highly liquid up to highly viscous products, from small 50 ml glass jars up to 1.000 ml grip bottles.

Especially for volumes ranging from 50 ml up to 1.000 ml, RATIONATOR offers line concepts which have been developed on the basis of long years of experience with puck lines for the chemical industry. High flexibility, low cost of change parts and rapid size change-over as well as maximum operational reliability are decisive advantages. Thin-walled containers and lightweight bottles can also be handled with the RATILIGHT Puck System in a safe way.

Depending on the required output, special line concepts for products of the chemical industry are available for volumes ranging from 50 ml up to 1.000 ml.