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The new millennium...

  • Development of the highly flexible bottle unscrambling system 
  • Development of the high speed filler ROBOMAT up to 200 bpm
  • Launch of the new RATILIGHT Puck size RLP05 for bottles of 20 – 500 ml
  • Development of the flexible rotary bottle handling system BOTTLEMAT gently for gentle unscrambling of bottles into RATILIGHT Pucks
  • Development of the compact rotary bottle inserter RBI
  • Development of the high-performance filling machine FLOWFILL with flowmeter system (mass flow or magnetic-inductive measuring system)
  • Development of the servo-driven capping machine ROBOCAP with IPC-control for standard closures and dosing- and spray pumps
  • Development of the servo-driven filling machine ROBOMAT with IPC-control and integrated automatic cleaning function autoCIP (automatic cleaning in place)

Milestones in 1990s...

  • Development of the first IPC-controlled bottle unscrambler BOTTLEMAT in pucks
  • Launch of the RATILIGHT Puck RLP1 for bottles of 50 – 1.000 ml
  • Development of the CIP-capable filling machines (Cleaning in Place)
  • Development of the rotary capping machine ROBOCAP with servo-driven capping spindles

First Patents in 1970s and 1980s...

  • Patent for ROBOMAT - the worldwide first cnc-controlled
  • filling machine
  • Development of the rotary filling machine „FRUKO“
  • Development of the linear filling machine „Multifüll“
  • Patent for GARANT - the bottle unscrambling machine
  • Development of the rotary capping machine RVM and patent application for RATIGRIP

The Beginnings in 1960s...

  • Development of the one-head capping machine „Universal“
  • Company foundation with special machines, sorting and feeding machines