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RATIONATOR has been innovative in the packaging machine business for more than 50 years. Furthermore, it has managed to create a name for itself internationally as manufacturer of flexible filling lines with the so-called integrated puck system.

Our state-of-the-art machines have especially been designed to fit the needs of the cosmetics, the pharmaceutical, the chemical and, last but not least, the food industry.

Particularly for the cosmetics industry we have developed and optimized a versatile machine program which, due to short downtime and low format costs, enables our customers to ensure their economic manufacturing capability even with relatively small batch sizes. It is beneficial for our clients to reliably and efficiently process the most varied bottle and cap formats as well as a wide variety of filling products with one filling line only. This is mainly achieved by the consistent use of our inexpensive and versatile RATILIGHT Pucks.

The benefit from the flexibility of the RATILIGHT Puck System generally allows a wide range of bottle formats to be placed in the same RATILIGHT Puck.

Our customers also find it advantageous that the RATILIGHT Puck System allows them to react rapidly to changing market requirements. These requirements have had a significant influence on the development of our current line concepts for the medium and high power range.

Finally, we are looking forward to provide our customers with support concerning either management or service questions at any time during our collaboration.

Made in Germany