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Controlled filling and capping with servo technique

Especially for pharmaceutical products, the servo-controlled RATIONATOR filling lines offer best conditions. By means of the servo control, most different products can be dosed in a sensitive and accurate way. For capping as well, the servo technique ensures a controlled result.

For most of the containers which are small and round, we recommend the use of the RATILIGHT puck size 05 for containers up to approx. 500 ml. Thanks to the use of pucks, the bottle guiding area of the line almost requires no change parts. Thus size change-over can be performed within a very short time. This is of special advantage if several capping functions are to be performed in succession, such as pressing in of a plug, capping of a screw cap to a certain torque and application of a dosing cap. In this case, three compact capping units are installed forming a mechanically synchronized capping centre. By using RATILIGHT pucks, you save considerable cost of change parts.

Depending on the required output, special line concepts for the pharmaceutical industry are available for volumes ranging from 20 ml up to 500 ml.