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Filling lines with highest operational reliability

For filling and capping of food, operational reliability of all systems, in particular cleaning in the filling area are of first priority. More and more different designs of food packages are developed so that flexibility is an important criterion for modern filling lines.

Bottle transport in RATILIGHT pucks is an essential factor to increase operational reliability in this field. It is very important that the bottles are protected against mechanic impacts in the stable RATILIGHT pucks. Jammed bottles e. g. in the infeed area of a rotary machine belong to the past. This also applies to upside down bottles and tube bottles being steadily launched on the market in new variations. The transport of glass jars in pucks reduces the noise level considerably.

On the ROBOMAT filling system, it is possible to handle highly liquid up to viscous products such as edible oil, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise and honey. For an optimal cleaning result, different versions are available in order to fulfil the important requirements regarding hygiene and safety.

Depending on the required output, RATIONATOR offers special line concepts for food with volumes from 50 ml up to 1.000 ml.