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The new generation: BOTTLEMAT Robot 3

Flexible Robot Bottle Handling Machine

For automatic unscrambling, orienting and inserting of plastic bottles from approx. 50 to 1.000 ml into RATILIGHT Pucks

Special advantages:

  • 100% occupancy of the RATILIGHT Pucks transported to the production process
  • Without format parts
  • Rapid and easy format change-over by pressing a button
  • Big variety of formats from approx. 50 to 1.000 ml
  • Careful bottle handling (recommendable even for PET bottles)
  • High process reliability
  • Low air consumption, no air blowers
  • Low maintenance and easy care
  • Compact design, small footprint

Working principle

  • Detection of the bottle format with the use of the intelligent robot camera system
  • Gripping of bottles with BOTTLEGRIP Vacu-Tools
  • Unscrambling of bottles controlled by programme
  • Insertion of bottles in RATILIGHT Pucks and label pucks
  • Control of RATILIGHT Pucks at the outfeed
  • Automatic Return of the RATILIGHT Pucks, if necessary

    Intuitive Human Machine Interface

    • Easy and clearly structured menu
    • Picture based presentation of processes
    • Camera software integrated in HMI
    • New formats can be teached easily
    • Clearly structured data administration
    • Individual user administration
    • Extended diagnose functions

      BOTTLE POOL 1600

      To stock and automatically feed empty bottles to the pick-up belt of the BOTTLEMAT Robot, including collection of returned bottles.

      • Bottle elevator with dispensing belt
      • Moveable
      • With electrical plug connection
      • With run-empty function
      • Careful bottle handling
      • With protection cover


        The powerful camera system enables to teach new bottle formats easily.


        Uniform orientation of shaped bottles in RATILIGHT Pucks.
        The BOTTLE CHECK system allows to detect the following characteristics:

        • Asymmetrical bottles
        • Moulded symbols
        • Prints
        • Beginning of the thread at the bottle neck

        Previously fed bottle format data will be loaded automatically with format change-over.