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Servo Capping Machine 

for automatic capping of the most varied press-on caps, screw caps and orientation caps

Special advantages:

  • Controlled capping by servo controlled capping spindles
  • Sense of capping rotation left/right selectable
  • Safe bottle transport by the use of the well-proven RATILIGHT Puck System
  • Rapid and well-priced format change-over
  • Modern IPC-control 
  • Low maintenance
  • Output from 3.000 to 14.400 bph with 4, 6 or 8 capping spindles

Servo controlled capping:

  • The following parameters are monitored during the capping process:
    • Torque
    • Number of revolutions (speed)
    • Angular position
  • Additionally the total height of the closed bottle is checked after capping
  • Format related data are stored as CAPGRAMM
  • User-friendly handling