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Servo Piston Filling Machine

for automatic filling of highly liquid up to viscous or foaming products from approx. 20 to 1.000 ml

Special advantages:

  • Servo controlled dosage
  • High filling accuracy
  • Servo controlled bottle change (PAC)
  • Automatic cleaning CIP or SIP
  • Without change parts
  • Automatic format change-over
  • Modern IPC control with modem
  • User-friendly handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Output size 1 with 8 filling nozzles up to 7.200 bph with RLP1
  • Output size 2 with 12 filling nozzles up to 9.000 bph with RLP1
  • Output size 2 with 14 filling nozzles up to 12.000 bph with RLP05

Selectable machine options

  • Filling nozzles from 3 to 18 mm outer diameter
  • Special sealing materials
  • Control of an external product pump
  • Communication with external CIP-system
  • Communication with external Pig-system
  • Electrical connection for 4 additional CIP-valves
  • Protective cover for filling area or complete
  • Temperature control during the CIP process
  • Pressurization of the product tank
  • PDA production data aquisition
  • Remote control VPN
  • Service light unit TPM


Automatic CIP/SIP Cleaning

  • Effective cleaning with dynamic CIP-piston drive
  • Flexible creation of cleaning programs
  • The filling nozzles move automatically to the cleaning position
  • autoCIP - Cleaning in Place with Cleaning Box
  • autoSIP - Sterilisation in Place with Cleaning Tube Unit for ultimate cleaning of the filling nozzles

ROBOMAT 2-Phasen

to fill additionally product components in 2-phases

Special advantages:

  • With the same or different volumes of phase 1 and 2 
  • Product tank in 2-chamber execution, inclusive 2 product supplies and 2 product level controls
    Remark: In the 2-phase filling operation mode the output is reduced by approx. 50% depending on format